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  • Kathryn

    “Heather is an amazing teacher! Whether you’re in the studio or in an online class, the environment is always welcoming. She keeps her classes fun and light, but also personalized and challenging. The workout is always is real, with clear instruction and modifications offered for every level. If you want to get stronger and feel great all day, practice with Heather!” – Kathryn

  • Nada

    “Heather is simply amazing. I enjoy every second of her classes!”

  • Karen

    “Heather is a wonderful teacher – she takes into consideration  all different abilities and reminds us that we are all on our own journey to get stronger.  She leads the class with kindness, laughter and strength.”

  • Jenny

    “I have been taking yoga from Heather for 6 years now and I highly recommend her. She is warm, nurturing  and friendly with a great sense of humor. She will meet you wherever you are on your yoga journey and will modify anything when needed. I look forward to continuing to practice with Heather.”

  • K.U.

    “Heather’s classes are a heaping spoonful of peace and mindfulness…a medicine that we all need everyday.”

  • Katie S.

    “When I started taking yoga from Heather I had a shoulder injury. Taking her class each week helped me to restore my shoulder and my mindset. Her class isn’t just “stretchy”. It is very challenging and relaxing. You’ll “feel it” the next day – in a good way!!”

  • Aylin G.

    “I wouldn’t call myself a yogi, in fact for a long time I stayed away from it – but Heather’s class has totally changed my mind about yoga. I am loving how my body feels after every class. The stretching and breathing is essential in my daily life. It almost feels like a nice massage after each class.”

  • Connie N.

    “Heather is a patient, kind, funny, wonderful teacher. She keeps the class moving and always reminds you of the best alignment for whatever pose you happen to be doing. I highly recommend taking her classes!”