10 Ways to Relax

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10 Ways to Relax

Here is my quick list of 10 Ways to Relax. Enjoy!

  1. Self-care. Practice self-care, eat well, get enough rest. You need to know what day of the week it is.

  2. Be grateful. Find one thing to be grateful for everyday. It can be your health, your family, friends, your dog, food, technology, sunshine – whatever it is, acknowledge it in gratitude. I’m grateful for my family.

  3. Go on a news diet. Take a break from the news and turn off some of the news alerts – especially if you notice your stress level increasing when you see them. It is ok to just look at pictures of dogs and cats, that is exactly why I joined Instagram.

  4. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. On purpose. Until it works.

  5. Exercise. Regular exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Just get your body moving. Hey, I know a great yoga teacher, check out a class!

  6. Renew. Turn a shower or bath into a mini spa session. You know all those scrubs, masks, oils and lotion samples you have stashed? Go for it. Take a few minutes just for you. Maybe don’t use them all at once.

  7. Try something new. Remember that thing you always wanted to learn how to do? Try it. Except for cutting your own bangs, seriously.

  8. Reconnect. Call someone; Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty, Video Chat on Facebook – make time to just talk or listen.  It can boost your mood & you may just make someone’s day.

  9. Find joy. It is okay to be happy, be silly, to have fun. This is your life, enjoy it.

  10. Make plans. Planning for the future and practicing positive thinking can help you remain optimistic and do the work toward making plans a reality.  Hmmm…I’ve always loved Paris in the winter.

For more information on ways to relax, you can read the full article here.

Namaste, my friends.