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OMG I’m In the News!

I leapt out of my chair in sheer joy seeing our online Sloth Yoga Fundraiser class mentioned by NBC Los Angeles, (thank you!) did a happy dance and whispered OMG I’m in the news! When your name is your brand, and the work you do is so personal, you truly rely on referrals and people knowing you. So, when you get to see your work in the news, it is so rewarding! I am grateful that I love what I do, especially partnering with non-profits on fundraising events.

It has been a dream come true to teach Sloth Yoga classes at the Wildlife Learning Center, these small classes allow students to practice yoga and learn more about sloths and the over 100 other animals at the WLC. The classes raise funds for this wonderful non-profit organization that is a dedicated to wildlife. In case you haven’t had a chance to visit, the staff are really great people who love what they do and it shows!

Sloth Yoga

If you’ve been to one of the Sloth Yoga classes in person, you know it’s a very special class; surrounded by monkeys who are fascinated by our breathing out loud, the lemurs that watch us stretch and flow to the lynx that loves to gaze at us as we rest in Savasana. There’s always a moment to laugh, to smile and be in awe of all of the animals. As we move and breathe, it’s hard not to reflect on the peaceful nature of the sloth. We’ve seen Sid move pretty fast and also really take his time, as if in slow motion, Zootopia anyone? If we could all master the art of moving with such intention! I love being able to share yoga and my passion for helping animals while supporting their mission.

To provide public education that inspires people to care for our wildlife, to care for our environment, to develop a deep interest in the life sciences, and to give loving care and sanctuary to animals in need.

Excerpt from Wildlife Learning Center Mission Statement

When Covid caused so many businesses and organizations to close, I reached out to the WLC to see if we could offer Sloth Yoga as a Fundraiser. Since the shut down, so many of us have changed the platforms we use for work and connecting. I also teach live online yoga classes and I thought let’s do a live online Sloth Yoga class fundraiser and include a live Q & A with a biologist with the sloths. This would allow us to support their mission of educating the public and let people connect with Pauley and Sid and learn even more about sloths!

The Event

We featured Pauley and Sid live from the WLC with biologist, Sam to answer questions from participants. It was an a wonderful combination of yoga and animal education. We were able to have participants from all over the country and it was great to see all the sloth loving kids and adults in yoga class.

We learned a lot about sloths during the Q & A and yes, Pauley and Sid are just as awesome on Zoom as in real life.

Sid, Sloth, hibiscus

Sid fall asleep eating a hibiscus flower during class.

If you’d like to support the Wildlife Learning Center, please stay tuned for future events! You can also make a direct donation to the WLC , every little bit helps. A special thank you to everyone who helps make these events happen and for the chance to help the animals. I am grateful for the generous media coverage of our fundraising events and classes. I’ll be over here dancing the happy dance while you read the article on our Online Sloth Yoga Fundraiser.


Are you participating in our event? Share away and make sure to tag us in your posts. You may be featured on our page! Thank you for your support. Namaste, my friends.